Coming to the UK (Individuals)

If you are coming to work in the UK, we can help you organise your finances to minimise the tax you pay. How you are taxed in the UK depends on how long you intend to stay in the UK, where you are paid and where your income and investments are located.

Here are some of the ways in which Xpatria can help you to reduce you tax bill:

  • Saving tax on non-UK workdays - If you are seconded by your employer to work in the UK for less than three years, we may be able to help you avoid UK tax on the income relating to any days you spend working outside the UK. To qualify for this tax saving, the income that relates to your non-UK workdays must be paid outside the UK and there are restrictions on repatriating this income to the UK. Provided the remainder of your income is sufficient to fund your living expenses, this can be a convenient method of building up tax free savings outside the UK.Xpatria can claim this tax relief on your behalf – retrospectively if required. We can also obtain clearance from the UK tax authorities to enable your employer to reduce your employment tax withholding for this tax relief.
  • Tax free accommodation, subsistence and travel - If you are seconded by your employer to work in the UK for less than two years, you may be able to claim tax deductions for your accommodation, subsistence and travel costs. This is a valuable tax saving, especially in high cost housing areas.We can claim these tax savings for you – retrospectively if required.
  • Avoiding tax on your non-UK investments - If you don’t intend to stay in the UK permanently, you may be able to avoid UK tax on income and capital gains from assets you hold outside the UK. To obtain this tax exemption, you must avoid bringing funds from your overseas investments into the UK or this may trigger tax charges. It is also important to ensure that you do not settle credit card purchases made in the UK with funds from your non-UK investments. These rules are complex and bespoke advice should always be obtained in this area to avoid unnecessary tax bills.Xpatria provides practical, personalised advice on how to avoid UK tax on your non-UK investments. Ideally this planning should be performed BEFORE you arrive in the UK, so contact us now to find out how we can assist you.
  • Bringing funds into the UK tax free - There may be times when you need to bring overseas funds into the UK e.g. to buy UK property. Without careful planning, bringing overseas funds into the UK can result in unforeseen tax charges.We can help you organise your non-UK investments so that when the time comes you can bring funds into the UK without generating additional tax.
  • Buying UK property - Whether you’re buying a home in the UK whilst you’re working here or whether you’re buying to let, the tax implications of owning UK property are complex. However, complexity doesn’t always equate to expense as there are some important tax reliefs available on letting and eventually selling UK property.Xpatria works with you to maximise all available tax reliefs and to make sure that you are aware of the tax implications before you take major commercial decisions. With proper planning it may be possible to avoid capital gains tax on eventual sale of your property.
  • UK tax status – Your tax status depends on your circumstances and dictates how much tax you pay. It is important to declare your tax status correctly, as mistakes can mean that you are not eligible for certain tax breaks.Xpatria can help you evaluate your tax status options, so that your tax status is accurate and you qualify for all available tax reliefs.
  • Hassle free tax filing In addition to tax planning, we provide a friendly and efficient tax return service. Xpatria prepares your tax return (claiming all appropriate tax reliefs) and calculates your tax liability. We always provide a written explanation of the tax return and our advisers are on hand to discuss the tax return with you if required. We will send you your tax return in pdf format and file it electronically with the UK tax authorities on your behalf. Our tax return service doesn’t finish when your return has been filed – it includes liaison with the UK tax authorities (if required).
  • Reduced stress tax audits Tax audits are never entirely stress free, but if the UK tax authorities choose your return for audit, Xpatria will support you throughout this process. We will liaise with the HM Revenue & Customs on your behalf, attend any meetings with them and deal with any correspondence from them. We resolve tax audits promptly and fairly.

Xpatria provides a wide range of services to people coming to work in the UK. Please contact us to obtain specific details of how we can help you. Why not take advantage of our free half hour consultation service?